Metallon Fusion Solutions

Safety, Quality, Integrity, Responsibility

What we do

Quality products and integrity assets owe their characteristics equally, to battles that are given in the front-line during execution of projects by trained personnel on sites, as well as in the background during the analysis, design and set up by engineering teams. The first kind of battles require mostly skill, the second kind require knowledge. That’s why Quality is ‘built in΄ and achieving it is always rewarding.


Correct implementation and compliance to national and international legislation, standards and codes along with exercising engineering judgement and practices accomplishes the desired results. MFS combines in depth knowledge, interpretation and management skills of the most recognized Industry Standards and Codes (ASME, ISO, DNV, AWS, ASTM, API, NACE, NORSOK etc) and its commitment is to contribute with materials and welding engineering expertise to any project that operates, or plans to operate within such a technical frame.

Conceptual Design

- Identification of materials and welding standard requirements

- Capability review

- Efficiency analysis and improvement

Detailed design

- Weld joint design input

- Materials, processes and consumables selection

- Specification of scope materials and welding testing protocols and evaluation of results

- Development of welding procedure specifications and qualifications

- Heat Treatment

- Preparation of welding procedure registers

- Review sub contractors’ materials, welding procedure and inspection implementation

- Guidance on NDT requirements

Personnel performance and qualification

- Welders and welding operators qualification testing and certification

- Prolongation/retesting monitoring

- Review sub-contractors’ welders’ qualifications

Fabrication & Inspection

- Provide technical supervision of site welding activities

- Client (company, manufacturer or inspection body) representation/witnessing/reporting

- Review, evaluate, recommend solution and close out of technical queries, non-conformances and deviation requests with respect to materials and welding

- Failure analysis and mitigation measures recommendation

- Traceability record keeping

- Welding repairs or modifications assessment and development of suitable methodology

- Troubleshooting

- Preparation or review of compliance close out packs related to materials and welding

- CSWIP 3.1 - Welding Inspector (Level II)

- CSWIP -BGAS Gr.2 Painting Inspector (Level II)


About us

Metallon Fusion Solutions is a private company that aims to engage, promote and further establish sound welding engineering, assurance and inspection in the industry.

With experience in the oil and gas, marine, renewables, power and aerospace industries Metallon Fusion Solutions can provide professional and competent materials and welding engineering solutions to engineering teams, manufacturers and inspection bodies.